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Sefa specialist hospital - 22 years of flawless medical excellence

Clinical Services

Patient Clinics

Patients who walk into the hospital or are referred, are assured of 24-hour consultation by the doctors.

Patients are first seen in the general Outpatient Clinic by senior medical officers and where necessary referred to the relevant specialist clinic.

Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Antenatal Clinics

Pregnant women are seen any day in the clinic. Those requiring specialist follow up consultation are seen at the weekly Tuesday clinic.


Patients can choose between two types of delivery rooms. Those who choose to have their husbands or mother to stay with them during labour are offered a private labour room. Others share delivery rooms but each person has her bed and is attended to individually.

Post Natal Care

All women are usually seen 5 to 7 days after delivery but can be seen at any time if necessary.

Gynaecology Clinics

Patients with gynaecology problems are seen any time of the day or night. Those with non-emergency problems are referred to the Gynaecology Clinic on Friday.

Family Planning Clinics

These are held daily. Clients are advised to discuss with the medical staff for advice about the different methods available for child spacing.

Child H(click to view)

Sefa Specialist Hospital caters for children of all ages from pre-mature newborns to 20 years.

Neo-natal Unit

There is a specialist intensive care baby unit. Newborns needing intensive care are admitted into this unit which offers incubator care, phototherapy and specialist care for premature babies.

Sefa Specialist Hospital receives a lot of babies referred from other hospitals.

Immunization Clinics

Immunization of children of all ages is carried out as recommended by the Nigerian National Guidelines and the World Health Organization.

Pediatric Clinics

These are held twice weekly when children are seen by the specialist. We offer primary, secondary and tertiary pediatric services.

Surgery (click to view)

Specialist Surgery Clinics

These are held once weekly but emergencies are seen anytime of the day or night.

Day Surgery Unit

Minor surgical and diagnostic procedures are carried out in the Day Surgery Unit. Patients in this unit do not normally need to stay overnight.

Operating Theatre

The Theatre Suite handles surgeries of the most specialized nature including general surgery, microsurgery, orthopedic surgery and obstetrical and gynaealogical surgery. Each type of surgery is handled by a team of competent Surgeons and Anesthetists.

Adult Medicine

Patients with medical conditions are seen daily in the Out Patient clinics. Those needing specialist attention are referred to the specialist medical clinics.

Health Screening: Well man, Well Woman, Well Child Screening

Sefa Specialist Hospital has special screening programmes for men, women and children. Screening helps detect illnesses like diabetes hypertension, sickle cell disease and cancer. Early detection leads to early treatment with better results. Screening includes full physical examination, ECG, blood tests, Urine and stool tests.

Women are advised to do a yearly pap smear test to rule out cancer of the cervix. Men over 40 years old should also be screened for prostate cancer. The doctors are available to advise you.

Voluntary Counseling and Testing (VCT) for HIV:

Trained Counselors are available for pre-test and post -test counseling for HIV. Testing for HIV is done under strict confidentiality.

Diagnostic Services (click to view)

Laboratory Services

Sefa specialist Hospital Laboratories are approved for secondary care by the National Health Insurance Service (NHIS). The available services include:

1. Hematology.
2. Blood Bank.
3. Chemical Pathology.
4. Microbiology.
5. Screening for HIV.

Electro Cardio-Graphic (ECG) Services

This service is available for patients with heart problems or those with serious high blood pressure problems. This service is available every Tuesday at 5.00pm but emergency (ECGs) are done anytime.

Other investigatory services available include

1. Ultra Sound Diagnostic Services
2. Histopathlogical Services
3. Radiological Services -X-rays
4. Contrast Studies.

Admission Facilities

Patients are able to choose from a range of different rooms with different facilities. The high standard of medical care remains the same. The facilities include:

1. Special Executive Rooms
2. Single Occupancy Rooms
3. Two Bedded Rooms
4. Open Wards