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Sefa specialist hospital - 22 years of flawless medical excellence

NHIS Scheme (National Health Insurance Scheme)

Pre-Payment Schemes

Sefa Specialist Hospital is accredited by the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) For both primary and secondary care.

We work with over 20 Health Management Organizations (HMOs) to provide quality health care for Nigerians. Also, over 30 organizations come directly to us for the health care of their staff and family members.

Private Insurance Schemes

There are various types of private insurance schemes to which individuals can contribute . For further details contact the Administrative Office.

Other payment schemes

Individuals can also make other arrangements for the care of their family members.

Family Accounts

A deposit can be made for the family and every month a bill is sent on how much has been used by the members of the family. For further details contact the Administrative Office.

Direct Payments:

This is a fee for service system where you are charged for services rendered. You pay immediately for the services you use.